Missing Classmates

BHS Class of 1977 - Welcome to our New Website!  

Our new website will keep you updated regarding our Reunion plans.  The site is being managed by our class!  If you are on the list below - you are listed in the Class of 1977 yearbook and have not yet activated your personal page on our new website.  Once you have logged on, created your private password and activated your account; you will no longer be listed as missing.   If you see someone who you are in contact with listed here - please let them know about our new site!  Have a wonderful and productive day! Hope to see you in Babylon for our 40th Reunion!

Peter S. "Buechner, Lll"
James William "Feeney,Jr. "
Eugene August "Schwartz, Lll"
Gina-Marie Accurso (Accurso)
Darlene Marie Ambrose (Turman)
Robert William Anderson
Ruth Mary Anderson (Terwilliger)
Otto (Spike) L. Atchison
Brian F. Auer
Richard Francis Augello
Edward James Baker
Patricia Ann Baker
June H. Belsha (Meigel)
Brian Besemer
Jeannine Boschettino (Byrne)
John David Brabant
Denise Desiree Brockner (Myers)
Lynn Brown
Charles Andrew Buser
Steven Cairo
Joseph Louis Calderaro
Dave Campi
David J. Cange
Robert Canning
James Francis Carlock
John Anthony Cassano
David Ciminera
Kathleen Conroy ("O'Reilly")
Ray Cruz
Russell Bradley Curley
Catherine Cecelia Cush
Eric B. Daniels
Gia Ann DeAngelis
Lorraine (Lorri) DeBona (Marshal)
Frank Phil Dell'Isola
David Scott Devine
Michael Bryan Diggle
Ronald H. Dinkel
Bruce A. Doncaster
Robert Arthur Downs
Susan Gail Doyle (Siani)
Joseph P. Dromeshauser
Stephen G. Ehrhardt
Dawn E. Fabiszak
Paul Vincent Fava
Mary Fesselmeyer (Gamble)
Siobhan Mary FitzGerald (Stickney)
Allison Patricia Freeze (Major)
Gail Ellen Friedell
Michael Douglas Gallagher
Kathleen Galletta (Didonna)
Allyson Garner
Daniel Walter Gent
Erich Paul Glaubitz
Martha Mary Godfrey
JoAnn Marie Goebal (Christy)
Rosa E. Gonzalez
Charlene Marie Greer
Scott Joseph Harrison
Charlie Hayward
Rose A. Hernandez
Jane Elizabeth Holgan (Weber)
Andrew P. Houghton
Lori Ann Hubert
Joseph M. Jackson
Lawrence Andrew Jaffie
Theresa (Tessa) James (Rivera)
Joan Jones
Abby Kane
Brian Roy Karpin
Margaret Mary Kearns (Parrish)
Harold E. Kelland, Jr.
Herbert H. Ketcham, Jr.
Michael Thomas Kleisler
Mitchell Roy Krisberg
Nancy Lillian Landon
Scott William Lockwood
Karen Margaret Ludemann
Patrice Mackesy (Conklin)
Lynn Susan Madocks (Rankins)
Karen Mahlstedt
Maureen Elizabeth Mahoney
Mark Leslie Marietta
Joseph Mastro
William (Bill) Mc Cully
Maureen Jane McGuire (Tischner)
Patrick Brendan McKeown
Katrina McLoughlin (Cabral)
Kerry Lynn Miller (Abalow)
Debra Elizabeth Minnicozzi (Massi)
Patricia Mongelli
Kenneth Patrick Moran
Mary Cathryn Mulle
John R. Muller
Melissa Suzanne Murphy
John Dwight Naeher
Kellie M. O'Conner
Kevin Paul O'Shea
Michael Patrick O'Sullivan
Barbara Jo Pack
Deborah Roseann Pagliarulo (Covic)
Craig Thomas Parrish
Alfred Peoples
John H. Perricone
Michelle J. Peters
Faith Rankin
Beth Ann Rodenbaugh (Rollinger)
Lorraine Marie Rotunno (Senatore)
Gary Albert Salatto
Theresa Annette Santmann
Ronald David Saxton
Dave R. Schnepp
Patti Ann Schoppman
Craig Schroeder
Charlene Ann Schultz (Winter)
Lance Daniel Scorse
Michael George Seitz
Suzanne Catherine Shea (Sullivan)
Thomas George Shedlarski
Timothy Christopher (Tim) Shiebler
Virginia M. Slack (VanPelt)
Lisa Marie Smales (Smith)
James (Jack) Smith
Mary Smith
Howard Charles Sosa
Eileen V. Taylor (Bellavia)
Kevin Thomas
Harvey Timothy Winter
Lawrence John Wolf
William Woodward
Daniel Woram
Karen Zelonski (Nicholas)
Diane Grace Zemba (Stankiewicz)

Guest Members

Keely Horton (Harris)